Logo design for your website

Logo design for your website

If you would like a simple logo created for your new business then we can help you.

Logos are typical fairly simple and easy to replicate designs, perhaps as simple as a certain font and way of writing your company name.

Download a logo design checklist of questions to think about before you get started.

First logo design impressions do count

Do you want potential clients to think that your business looks reliable and professional; pays attention to detail.

Your logo design

Your logo design and tag-line are likely to appear on everything you print or create online and therefore form the core of your brand.

Your tag line

Whilst not compulsory it can be helpful to add a tagline to your logo design to explain what you do or what you stand for.

Your tag-line should describe your company, define your target market and communicate your benefit to your clients.

It’s not possible for all tag lines to achieve all these purposes so at least make it meaningful and not ‘we put customers first’ or something vague.

Logo designs that we have created

We are often called on to create simple logos to compliment a web design, or for business cards and letterheads.

When we are creating a logo design or we have in mind that it will mainly be used on the header of a website and business cards.

The following are a few logos we have created, you can see them in the context of the website header.

Cardiff Car Clinic logo – www.cardiffcarclinic.com.au

PCC Events logo – www.pccevents.com.au

All Travel logo – www.alltravel.net.au

Anderson’s Cedar Furniture logo – www.andersonscedar.com.au

K and G Automotive logo – www.kandgautomotive.com.au

Redmen Fire Protection logo – www.redmen.com.au

Callais Group logo – www.callais.com.au

Interested in getting a logo designed for your business?

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